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Santa Rosa House Concerts' mission is to provide an intimate setting for Singer/Songwriters to perform their work. Our aim is to consider artists from Sonoma County first, and on occasion to "shop" outside the county in order to ensure a pleasing mix of artists and styles.

It is our notion that traditional venues do not provide the performance quality and atmosphere of a private setting. In addition, we hold a "potluck" dinner before the show, and during the intermission we refresh ourselves with dessert--these are opportunities to meet your neighbors as well as the artists. The price is low, but we do not stint the artist. All proceeds, save for a few items like coffee, cups, napkins, etc., go to the artist. We are non-profit, and we love our jobs. Our intention is to honor our Singer/songwriters, and boost public awareness of the artist and the joys of live performance, unmatched by concert-hall or coffee-house settings. Come join us, and let us know what you think by contacting us at


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